Simply Software Stock Control System

Bespoke stock control systems...

Here at Simply Software we can assist your business in running more smoothly and efficiently by crafting a bespoke stock control system tailored to your needs, ensuring you stay on top of your items of stock. We specialise in developing desktop applications, database solutions (using both MSSQL and MySQL database engines) and 1D/2D Android powered barcode scanner applications that are all customised to meet your business requirements.

Whether you are a small business seeking an affordable solution or a well established medium sized business with one or multiple locations, we are equipped to collaborate with you to provide the software and application solutions your business requires. Our goal is to streamline the process of purchasing, receiving, selling, and managing the stock control of your goods (for customers) and services (for clients).

Stock control systems
Warehouse management
Barcode solutions

Integrating desktop software, database engines and barcode readers to work seamlessly together as one cohesive system, we can develop the perfect solution for your business processes.

Our bespoke solutions can integrate the following features:

There are various types of 1D/2D Android powered barcode scanners available on the market that clients can purchase to assist in running their businesses, these scanners consist of laser modules of varying quality levels. We exclusively supply Android barcode scanners equipped with Honeywell 2D laser scanner modules. Honeywell International Inc is an American multinational conglomerate corporation specialising in aerospace, automation and technologies. At Simply Software we believe that Honeywell produces some of the best laser scanner modules on the market, which is why we only supply barcode scanners utilising their modules.

Whilst developing your custom desktop, mobile or barcode solutions, we mainly follow the procedure below.

Sometimes a business requires a custom solution to help it expand, flourish and to reach its full potential, this is where Simply Software can assist you. We work closely with our clients to create effective software/application solutions aimed at enhancing the day to day operations of their businesses. Developing custom software tailored exactly to your business needs does not necessarily have to be an expensive undertaking. Depending on the developer you choose, development costs can be relatively inexpensive compared to implementing an out of the box solution that does not precisely align with your business requirements.

If you are interested in building a bespoke software solution for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and to schedule a free consultation.