A few simple examples of our work...

Supplier price update
We were commissioned to create a simple desktop application that helps speed up the process of updating cost prices from separate suppliers. Previously, clients would spend hours or even days (depending on their supplier) updating cost prices in their database. Our bespoke desktop application cuts that time down to less than a minute.
Supplier price update

Colour template manager
This application allow users to create new templates by utilising predefined templates that are already created in a custom package.
Template manager

Accounts manager
Thhis application was created to help manage a company's client list and accounts, and automatically generate and send overdue monthly statements via email.
Accounts manager

Stock control and order manager for Apple Mac
This application was specifically created for a director of a company who uses only Apple MacBooks. He wanted to connect to the main database that his employees were using on their Windows machines to view all sales and inventory details.
Stock control

Production order software
This application was developed to manage production or manufacturing formulas by calculating the correct quantities of each product required. The chart displays the monthly production rate of each formula at a glance.
Production manager

EPoS with barcoding software
This application was designed to be as simple as possible to use with a Bluetooth barcode scanner. The layout has changed significantly since this original screenshot was taken.
EPoS software

Android Kiosk solution
Bluetooth GATT peripheral service.

While working with a well-known hardware company in their specific field, we were asked to develop an Android TV solution that operates as both a kiosk application and a Bluetooth GATT peripheral service. Collaborating with their hardware designers and Arduino programmers, who provided us with the GATT service specifications and characteristics, we were able to create an Android TV application that far exceeded our client's expectations. The final Android TV stick solution seamlessly integrates with their current devices configured to work with the correct GATT service and characteristics specifications.
Android Kiosk Bluetooth GATT Service

Customer orders system
This is a simple-to-use customer order system that supports multiple locations, designed for both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. It enables users to create and print new customer orders, as well as edit previous orders if needed.
Customer orders system

Orders and stock manager for MacOS
We were commissioned to create software for a company director who exclusively uses Apple devices, in this case, a MacBook Air. The software allows the director to view orders, stock and re-order levels, customer details, and current credit levels. This software solution also comes with printable stock trends charts, stock levels, and customer lists. This bespoke solution was specially designed for Apple's macOS.
Mac order manager software

Job card software
This project was commissioned to improve productivity and job tracking for a custom metal manufacturing firm's client jobs. The firm previously relied on pen and paper for tracking.
Job card software

Sales order application for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS
This application was created to enable the company's sales team to instantly and efficiently track specific client orders. Prior to this, the team had been tracking orders manually.
Sales monitoring software

Bespoke Android applications for business
A multitude of Android applications developed for clients.

We specialise in developing tailored Android applications for clients, offering solutions ranging from invoicing and stock control systems to 1D/2D barcode scanner hardware with bespoke applications, customer signature pads, formulation solutions, MQTT bi-directional communications, Bluetooth GATT peripheral/central solutions, online/offline database connectivity (MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MongoDB and MS Access) and GPS tracking. Our custom Android solutions and applications are designed to enhance the efficiency of your business whether on-site or off-site, ensuring a seamless and optimised experience.
Bespoke Android applications

Stock control software
This program includes invoicing, purchase orders, a stock system, and a contact manager, making it a comprehensive solution for running an entire business.
Stock control solution

Desktop based website ingredients manager
A company contacted us to manage and display the basic ingredients of their products on their website, which had become standard in their industry. After discussion, we concluded that it would be better to first create a new, optimized, databases-powered, responsive website for the client. Following this, we created a desktop application that can run on both Windows and MacOS to control and display the ingredients of their products on their new product information website.
Website ingredients manager

Warehouse packing and shipping label software (12" touch screen enabled)
A packing company asked us to create a user-friendly warehouse package to process their online orders. Once the items are selected, processed, and packed, the software prints the relevant packaging labels for carriers such as TNT, UPS, DHL, and Parcel Force.
Customer orders system

Business software solution
We created an invoicing application that runs seamlessly on Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. This application is specifically designed to run on the MySQL relational database management system, securely storing invoices, quotes, purchase orders, stock items, and customer information. User login passwords are securely stored using the BCrypt HASH algorithm, while important information is stored using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.
Business software solutions

Purchase order software
We created this for a company that needed a simple way to track purchase orders, from creating the initial purchase order from suppliers to barcode tracking each order item through the system to one of their two warehouses.
Purchase order software

Remote warehouse manager
We created this for a firm with multiple warehouse locations. They needed a simple way to create and print picking lists for the correct warehouse, ready for multiple couriers to collect.
Remote warehouse manager

Data processing
Data processing is an important part of any business that wants to understand their sales forecast, stock levels and incoming and outgoing finances.
Data processing

Google maps API - Live location position
Tracking engineers or vehicles via GPS positions.

We can create vehicle tracking or mobile device tracking solutions that meet your specifications and budget. This particular solution uses Android powered mobile devices to help businesses track the position of engineers on the road. The mobile devices send their GPS positions every 60 to 300 seconds to an MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) broker service. The MQTT broker server is a server based 24/7 background worker application that we developed in-house. The MQTT service receives each devices GPS data and relays the engineers position directly onto Google Maps, thus allowing colleagues to know the exact loacation of the engineers. We decided to use MQTT so that we can encrypt the data with multiple layers of security and have full control over all the subscribed devices. This GPS tracking solution uses Google Maps API.
MQTT based Android GPS tracking system

Insurance claim software using 2 API feeds
We were asked to create bespoke software for an insurance claims company. The software allows our client to enter all the information required from all parties involved in a road vehicle accident. The software retrieves customer addresses via the Royal Mail postcode lookup service and vehicle information via the DVLA vehicle enquiry service. Both Royal Mail and DVLA supply APIs for developers to use, and they charge for the information supplied.
Insurance claim software

Android 1D/2D barcode scanner
Stock control applications for Android barcode scanners.

A company approached us to address their stock control issues. Given our experience in developing Android 1D/2D barcode scanner applications, we tailored our standard barcode application to align with their business requirements. The client faced significant stock control challenges as they sold their products through eBay, Amazon, and their own website, often unintentionally selling items they didn't actually have in stock. We customised our standard barcode application to seamlessly integrate with their existing MySQL-based database application. Now, the client can utilise the Android barcode scanner to manage stock transactions, ensuring 100% accuracy in their stock levels.
Android barcode scanner

Process eBay orders (None API)
An application for processing eBay orders and building service kits.

This application uses two CSV files that allow for processing eBay orders quickly and efficiently to build service kits with each individual part. Previously, the client faced significant issues in processing orders and assembling the service kits for their customers. Our application not only processes the orders but also automatically displays each service kit with the necessary items for assembly. By displaying each item for every service kit ordered, the application saves the client time that would otherwise be spent searching through catalogues for the necessary items to build the service kits. This application now saves our client several hours per day by eliminating the need to manually look up all the items required for service kit assembly. Our bespoke application conveniently displays the items needed to create the ordered service kits.
Ebay orders processor

In-house hardware load monitor
A simple hardware load monitor application.

Whilst testing an updated library for personal computer hardware, we decided to update an already developed hardware load monitoring application created using B4J. The application was updated in just an hour or two and is capable of running on both Windows and MacOS PCs and laptops. Our version of this application differs from the original version created by Magma who is a fellow member of the B4X community, we have adapted his free open-source code to suit our specific needs. We use this application in-house to test CPU, GPU and memory loads on hardware that we create software for. We strive to be as efficient as possible with the given resources.
Load monitor software

Ecwid e-commerce website manager
Interactive Ecwid.com RESTful API interface.

We were commissioned to create an interface that would connect ecwid.com, the e-commerce platform, and the client's existing Windows software solution. To achieve this, we developed two new applications: a background worker for processing the data and a desktop application with a graphical user interface (GUI). The ecwid.com platform employs a RESTful API, which enables developers to easily access their clients' store information.
Ecwid e-commerce website API manager

Quote, Invoice, Purchase order and Stock control software
This software was specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. With this software, users can create invoices either from quotes or directly in the invoice screen, and the software will automatically reduce stock levels as necessary. Users can also send purchase orders directly to suppliers, and the system will automatically adjust stock levels upon receipt of full or partial orders. The stock control screen is designed to make managing inventory as simple as possible, with features such as live stock levels, item categories, and pricing information. The software also includes a customer management screen, sales panel, credit limit tracking, charts, and more.
Quote, invoice and stock control

Delivery note software
This powerful software was developed to facilitate the creation and printing of delivery notes for multiple warehouse locations from the head office. In addition to the delivery notes system, the software also includes features for managing products and contacts. With this bespoke package, the client is able to efficiently run their business and manage their warehouses from a centralised location.
Delivery note software

Android OS hardware
Phones, tablets, TV sticks plus more.

At Custom Bespoke we not only develop desktop OS solutions, we also develop mobile OS solutions. While our primary focus is developing for Android devices, we are fully capable of creating applications for iOS devices as well. For Android, we can develop your custom application on a variety of devices including phones, tablets and even Android TV sticks.
Android hardware application development

Plus much more...